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The key to Beryl Cook’s work is her sense of humour, the more outrageous someone looks or behaves, the more she wants to paint them.
Beryl Cook’s paintings are particularly appealing because of her directness, exuberance and the instant laughter that her paintings create. In this way, Beryl Cook paints solely for herself if a subject or incident amuses her or captures her imagination she will paint it.

Beryl records in minute detail scenes of everyday life and has an almost photographic memory. She paints on large canvases using Oil on Panel to recreate the overweight, jovial characters which are bursting with personalities from under their huge coats or skimpy underwear.

Beryl Cook died on the 28th of May 2008 at the age of 81 in Plymouth with her husband and her son. Since Beryl’s death, her paintings have become even more sought after and her work is proving to be the most popular on our site, her limited edition prints, Originals and also open editions are a great investment opportunity.


Beryl Cooks work has been widely used in greeting cards and limited edition prints, finding many followers who love the realistic traits of the larger-than-life subjects.
Beryl has travelled considerably, gleaning new material for her work. The early local scenes have expanded to Buenos Aires, New York, Cuba, Paris and Barcelona.