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International artist CLARE SYKES buzzes with passion and energy and takes inspiration for her incredibly vivid images from just about everything that surrounds her – from the air she breaths to the sparkle of the sea near her home on the South Coast of England.

Born in Farnham in the UK, Clare subsequently lived in the USA, Spain and Greece before returning home to the South Coast of Britain and it is the influence of the unmistakable Mediterranean light which imbues Clare’s atmospheric works of art with a passionate yet serene quality.  It was amid the turquoise of the Greek seas and skies that she felt the overwhelming need to create, their indigenous colours becoming the foundations for her successful career.

Clare painted as a child but later, after an injury to her left hand and unable to work, she took up a paintbrush in her right and soon filled the walls of her home with art.  It wasn’t long before she became a published artist and built a successful career in the world of art.