Darryn Eggleton

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Born in South Africa in 1981, Darryn’s interest and passion for the natural world has been with him from an early age.

His earliest artistic inclinations were evidenced by drawings of wildlife created during family trips into the African bush and was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity of living in the Kruger National Park.


Through his works, Darryn portrays the beauty of our living system and the profoundness of its volume. Africa is particularly blessed with its vast open spaces and secret places, dramatic seasons and variety of life forms.

His goal with his artwork is to isolate the subject, making use of cinematic cropping of the animal, sometimes using the perimeter of the canvas to achieve a feeling of the subject being up close and personal. In doing so, the subject appears to project further than the plane of the canvas, creating a visceral presence, and placing the viewer somewhere in the physical experience of the painting.

The exquisite detail and life-like quality of Darryn’s art come from painstaking research. Spending much time in the wild bush and at research breeding centres, collecting all the necessary reference material before heading into the studio to paint.

Darryn’s works have been exhibited in London, Switzerland, Singapore and New York, with paintings residing in private collections worldwide.


My style can be described as painterly realism, the medium being oil on linen. Over the years I have refined my skill and technique to a point where fur patterns and textures are vividly and authentically reproduced.


  • Society of animal artists 54th Art and the animal, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A
  • Artist choice award
  • The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum purchase award
  • Patricia A.Bott award for creative excellence