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David Knight was born in 1965 in Essex. He graduated with a BA in Fine Art at University of Wales and now lives and works in Cardiff. He believes his still life work is about light, form and space and maintains that simplicity is where the beauty lies. David states ” I think the body is a fascinating and beautiful subject to work from, I never get bored of painting it. Once you put a figure in a painting it has an instant narrative without having to try and create one. I don’t analyse why I paint what I paint, the paintings either work or they don’t.”

Awards-Voted “Peoples Choice” in Welsh Artist of the Year 2000.
Voted “Best Painting” at 9th annual St Davids Hall Christmas Exhibition.

Shows at:
Albany Gallery, Cardiff
St Davids Hall, Cardiff, Summer and Christmas Exhibition
Wiseman Gallery, Oxford
Campden Gallery, Gloucestershire