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10th September 2020 marks the launch of Doug’s Share The Love – Collection, his first since February 2020’s hugely popular ‘I Love You – Collection.’

This latest release includes six limited edition prints and one sculpture:

These New Releases includes a rather special addition, the latest in Doug’s series of vehicle pieces, a new 4×4 sculpture titles Overloaded with Love, with the numberplate DH9, marking the 9th release in this ongoing and beloved series. This release also marks a return to Doug’s popular Black and White imagery style from previous releases.

12th June 2020 saw two new releases: The print “Love From A Distance“, and a sculpture form of Doug’s “Thank You”, the spectacular release from April 2020, which raised an incredible £150,000 for the NHS’s COVID-19 Urgent Appeal.

The I Love You” collection released in February 2020, is a collection of five signed limited editions and two cold-cast porcelain sculptures. The collection uses a variety of themes, all created in Doug’s classic style.

The 10th of January 2020 saw the release of a Print and Sculpture set of Valentine’s Day Limited Editions. These are both titled “Caught Up in Love”.

In addition to his sell-out limited edition prints, sculptures and original paintings, Doug has produced a number of wonderful hardback books. The most recent of which is The Many Faces of Love.


Doug’s distinctive artistic style is built up of a number of aspects. From his stylish colour combinations, warmth and charisma, to the focus on telling a story with each piece.

Doug’s creative use of pastels and engaging imagery in his pieces evoke different emotions and treasured memories in everyone who sees them, leaving a lasting impression.

Today, Doug Hyde remains one of the most successful UK artists ever, with his vibrant, fun and heart-warming artwork always high in demand. Collectors Prints are proud to supply our customers with one of the widest ranges of Doug Hyde prints, sculptures and books available.


Born in Bristol in 1972, Doug started painting in his spare time for friends and family. Doug was named as the UK’s best-selling published artist in just 3 short years. The BBC calling him the UK’s most popular living artist. Doug Hyde’s prints are among the most beloved contemporary pieces in the country.

Contemporary art lovers paid Doug a rare tribute in early 2006 when his one-hundredth limited edition print sold out. This confirmed the loyalty of his collectors and the enormous popularity of his work.

Doug’s reputation and profile have continued to grow since then. Both at home and abroad (with a sell-out tour in Japan now under his belt).

Although the work is now sold all over the world. I paint the same way as I did 10 years ago. I imagine the room in the house where the picture will be hung and then producing it with the same excitement and love for the work that I hope the viewer will also experience.”


Doug was appointed as the Official Artist of England Rugby in 2015. Combining two of his great passions. A former number 8 who has now hung up his boots (apart from the occasional Christmas match), rugby has played an important part in Doug’s life.

His innovative collection ‘Pride & Passion’ is an inspirational tribute to every aspect of the game. In Doug’s inimitable style – a series of prints that will appeal to both existing collectors and a whole new audience.

His enduring success and extensive appeal perhaps come from Doug’s ability to have his compositions communicate on a direct level. His works referring to the human experience as a whole in a way that we can all recognise.

The ubiquitous appeal of Doug’s work transcends cultural boundaries. With his collectors ranging from those who have never entered a gallery before to those who spend their weekends attending art exhibitions. Doug’s celebrity collectors include golfer Rory McIlroy and actress Emily Blunt.

Yet despite his phenomenal success, he has never lost touch with the realities of life. He has continued to produce work based around his love for his family, his unfailing optimism and his sheer enthusiasm for life.

Giving Back

Over the years Doug has supported a number of charities, both through raising money through the sale of his artwork and publishing some pieces specifically for causes close to his heart, these include:

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