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Emma Brownhjohn was born in the late 60’s, and went on to study Fine Art illustration at Camberwell College of Arts and came out the other side with a 1st class BA hons degree.


 Working as a freelance illustrator and muralist for a while, she was commissioned by the likes of Harrods, Coca Cola, The Independent, Penguin, Boots and Absolut Vodka.


Emma has also written and illustrated her own series of  books titled “Yes I can help save the planet”.


 Her paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout the UK, Europe and Singapore.Some of these galleries include Jerram,Serena Hall, Ingo Fincke, Store St, Biscuit Factory, Lacy Road, The Stark and Cambridge Contemporary.


They have also been featured in a Blackberry advert and  reproduced as greetings cards and limited edition prints by the likes of Whistlefish and John Lewis.


Now Based in rural Dorset, Emma is happy for her work to be represented by her ‘local’ publisher, Portfolio Fine Art.