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Fabian Perez

International Success

Fabian Perez’s powerful and exciting paintings have won him international acclaim. Most recently when he was named Artist of the Year 2014 by the Academy of Artists, Italy.

He was also the official artist to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and 2010 Latin Grammy Awards.

Now based in Los Angeles. Fabian has become one of the World’s most successful contemporary artists. A very different life to one he started out with.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1967. Fabian had a difficult childhood. His father owned illegal bordellos and nightclubs, and the family home was visited by police looking for him.

 “So many times he went to jail. I remember when I was very young going to police stations and looking for him.”

Fabian’s mother, on the other hand, was artistic. She encouraged her son to develop his skill for art, proudly displaying his work.

His art reflects his upbringing. Showing how, through his father’s businesses, he was exposed to various interesting characters. They appear in many of pieces. His father as the man outside the bordellos and nightclubs, the women portrayed inside are those he saw growing up.

Family Life

His mother died when he was 16 and his father 3 years later. He lived as a gypsy and turned to martial arts as a way to help him overcome the sadness and despair of losing his parents.

Homeless, Fabian taught karate to make a living. It was in 1984 he met Japanese karate master, Oscar Higa. He became his teacher, father figure, friend and a great inspiration for his life. 3 years after meeting him, he decided to follow Oscar to Italy. It was there, just outside Venice, that he began his career as an artist.

After seven years in Italy, where he spent his time painting and giving martial arts exhibitions, he moved to Japan. Inspired by the Shodo (often practiced by Samurais and Buddhist monks). His fusion of martial arts and art became a part of his painting technique.

 “With Shodo,” Fabian explains, “one sits on the floor with a sheet of rice paper, a brush and Chinese ink. The artist begins to concentrate and, when he feels ready or the urge strikes, he starts to paint. When a stroke is made on the paper, the artist cannot turn back. If he is unhappy with what he has created, he must start all over. Even when I’m going backward and forward with my colors, the important thing is the determination of each stroke.”

After Japan he moved to LA. Here he worked as a busboy and model, painting throughout the night. In 2001 two gallery owners and art publishers saw Fabian’s work and formed a partnership to develop his career as a fine artist.

The collaboration was an unmitigated success with every painting created immediately sold and demand for his work exploded. 

Celebrity Collectors

Today he is one of the world’s most collected artists. With celebrity admirers ranging from sporting superstars Sugar Ray Leonard, Shaquille O’Neal and Lionel Messi. To Grammy Award winning rock star Scott Weiland, singer Shakira, actors Micky Rourke. Mario Lopez and Megan Fox. Singer song writer Juan Gabriel. President of the Latin Grammy Awards Gabriel Abora and President of the American Grammy Awards Neil Portnow.

He works from a studio in Los Angeles, where he also lives with his wife, Luciana (who is in many of his paintings) and his three children. He paints, plays soccer, trains, teaches martial arts to close friends and travels the world for art inspiration.

Fabian has become the world’s most exciting figurative artist on the contemporary scene. His colossal worldwide success shows no signs of waning.

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