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Gina Hawkshaw lives in a thatched cottage in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. She lives with her husband, small boy, two dogs, two cats and some hens. Gina has had horses, dogs and cats for most of my life and have always enjoyed painting and drawing them.

Gina took up painting as a career almost three years ago. I have recently been promoted to an Associate member of the Society of Equestrian Artists. She has since exhibited with them in 2011 at the Mall Galleries, London. In 2012 at the Menier Gallery, and in 2013 at the Mall Galleries.

She says “I have owned and ridden horses for the majority of my life; they have always been the centre of my world but only recently have they become the basis for my career. It seemed natural that my passion for horses and my love of art should come together”.

Gina works in acrylics and aims to capture the essence of the horse, whether at work or at rest.  She particularly loves detailed subjects and capturing horses from interesting angles.