About Jennifer Hogwood


Jennifer Hogwood is one of a new breed of contemporary animal humourist artists. Her bold, sublimely appealing style is instantly recognisable. Showing, with humour and charm, the heartfelt affection she has for her highland friends ‘The McMoos’.

Jennifer was born and raised in rural Bedfordshire in 1980. Growing up in the countryside had a profound effect on Jennifer. She spent much time in the great outdoors, often horse-riding. Always creative, when Jenifer was not outside with her animal friends, she was enjoying her favourite school subject, art.

After school Hogwood didn’t pursue her affection for art. For several years she stopped painting altogether. Then she married and the couple bought their first home. Like many newlyweds they didn’t have much money, so to cover the bare magnolia walls Jennifer bought paint and canvases and began to create.

Self-taught about art in general, and her contemporary discipline in particular, Jennifer hasn’t been held back by choosing a less traditional approach.

“I take something away from every piece I create and as an artist, I am constantly evolving.”

Now living on the Wiltshire/Dorset border with her husband, two young children and brace of Springer Spaniels, Hogwood’s studio is a former milking parlour on a working farm.  The setting is idyllic and comes with the added bonus of a field full of cows just outside the door.


While other animals have made it into Jennifer’s paintings. It’s highland cows which hold a special place in her heart and art.

Highland cows have such individual personalities and a lovely innocence about them.”

Clearly this is a love shared by many, as her endearing bovine portraits are in high demand. The McMoo’s even have their own Twitter and Facebook accounts!


Before she picks up a paintbrush Jennifer will sketch freehand. Adding more and more detail, until the composition is perfect. When it’s time to start painting, her preferred medium is acrylics due to their quick-drying and versatile nature. This perfectly suits her style of layering. Which creates the richness of colour and texture.

She has even created her own unique shade of McMoo brown which she uses in every painting!

Finally, she adds other elements to bring character to each piece. This is best reflected in the collectable editions which are stunningly hand embellished with jewels to add a sparkle to the McMoo’s eyes.

Collectors Prints are ‘moo’ssively excited to bring you a range of Jennifer Hogwood’s artwork, including framed and boxed; Hand Embellished Canvas Prints, Giclée on Paper Prints and Giclée Canvas Prints.

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