Mackenzie Thorpe

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Mackenzie Thorpe

The Darkness Within…

Mackenzie Thorpe, an internationally renowned artist. Born in 1956 and was raised in Middlesbrough during a period of economic hardship. Struggling with dyslexia early in his life. His journey from dyslexic child ostracised by his peers to international artist. He say”s “exhibiting worldwide has been both extraordinary and inspirational”.


After watching a film about Van gogh Mackenzie wondered if he would be able to make his dream a reality after all. Showcasing his portfolio of artwork, he managed to win a place at the London School of art and complete a degree in fine art.

Married and with a family to support, he taught art for a while, then moved to Richmond, North Yorkshire where he and his wife opened an art materials shop.

The Defining Moment…

He began to show his work in the window and over time this ever changing art display began to make an impact. As the paintings sold, word began to spread and soon he had a British manager and an American publisher in his corner. His images began to appear on calendars and greetings cards and demand spread like wildfire – the unstoppable force that is Mackenzie Thorpe had emerged out of the shadows.

Thorpe’s work expresses an entire range of human emotion. From the special bond of love and friendship, to the importance of self-reflection and individual triumphs. Mackenzie Thorpe wants to highlight the importance of looking after the world for future generations.

Whilst some of his more serious pieces show the inevitable desperation of mankind and seeming futility of the human condition. He then shows us that there is hope and love. Using animals as well as people. Mackenzie Thorpe depicts beautiful poignant moments of our lives – moments. Which we all understand and which show our vulnerability.

Mackenzie has sold out six exhibitions over the last few years. He has had the biggest one man show ever held in Northern England in 1995. He was selected as the official artist for the 1996 Artexpo LA and was commissioned by Elton John’s Aids Foundation.


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