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His Creations

Mr Kuu is a fine art photographer who utilises macro photography (in extreme close-up) coupled with modified miniature figures to present a unique take on the world around us, and avoiding image manipulation as he aspires to present life as we have rarely seen it; as a microcosm.


Acting as an observer from behind his camera lens, he does not need the spectacular or the dramatic to create something beautiful, simply by focusing on the unremarkable and portraying it in a new light, perhaps in a rarely seen moment, his pieces display truth and consideration.

His locations are painstakingly scouted, sometimes stumbled upon by chance, his imaginings are sometimes deliberate, sometimes inspired in a second, his works often focus on revelling in the everyday.


Mr Kuu was experimenting with photography from a young age, having grown up with a father who was already a successful photographer and recalls being a stickler for detail, his imagination frequently running away with him.

His fine art photography plays with scale in a way that uses the rarely paid attention to fine details of our environment as the background for his shots. He then introduces miniature figures in such a way as to tell a very human story.

In the three years since revealing his photographic observations, Mr. Kuu has exhibited his uniquely distinct images in galleries all over the world.

“My creations are fun, they represent just a snapshot or a moment, that’s worth taking the time over”