Nicholas Watts

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As a young boy, the sight of an RAF squadron flying over Nicholas Watts’ house sparked a passion for capturing a moment in time. Early classroom sketches of dogfights, aerial battles, Spitfires and Hurricanes developed into a mastery of technical art. Nicholas Watts grew up near Brands Hatch and the experience of watching motorsport from an early age also had a profound effect on Watts, as he was soon to be chanelling his artistic flair into his first ever car commision, a Bugatti Type 37A.

Nicholas Watts has a passionate and atmospheric style in his work. His technical grounding and the sense of proportion and perspective that it teaches shines through within all of Nicholas Watts’ pictures be they F1, endurance or sports car subjects.

Combining his love of motorsport with a career as an artist, Nicholas Watts has now been painting professionally for more than two decades, producing many limited edition prints and one-off commissioned originals. Nicholas Watts’ respected work has enabled him to build strong relationships with a variety of successful racing drivers, team owners and personalities, with the result that most of his prints bear a relevant original signature or two.

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