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Paul James was born and grew up in Leicestershire. Paul is a self-taught artist who enjoys painting wildlife, animals and landscapes. He started art college but spent most of his time painting and sketching cars at the local Ferrari garage and therefore did not complete the course.


Paul James decided to commit his time to paint professionally in 1986 and experimented with portraits of people, landscapes, birds of prey, sheep and cattle. As Paul James’ landscape paintings became popular, he spent time developing a style that he could call his own. Paul and his partner spent much time on their boat touring the UK publishing and selling his work. However, in 2004 the demand for his work became too high and he took up residence in Southern Ireland with a large workshop.


Paul James has been exploring the American Art Market recently and his paintings of animals have become increasingly popular. In later part of 2006, he returned to the USA and also visited Australia and New Zealand. Paul James plans to exhibit his new works later this year.