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Sarah Graham has had much success in her relatively young career as a fine artist. Having only completed her degree in 2000, Sarah Graham has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and abroad.

Having been bought a set of oils at the young age of 8, Sarah Graham was immediately enthralled and her artistic talent progressed from there. Graham is entirely motivated by colour, and as a realist painter, she taked her motivation of being a ‘big kid at heart’ very seriously! Graham follows a very strict structure in her painting, which revolves around the use of photography. Sarah Graham often takes magnified photos of her compositional materials, which highlights depth of field and focus in the imagery.

Sarah Graham then primes a canvas, paints a full colour under painting in acrylics, and then begins on the detail using oils. The process is very time consuming, with each canvas taking weeks.

Graham believes that art should be enjoyed; her work showcases a playful and light subject matter which can be understood on all levels; at the same time, her sophisticated techniques give her work a definite edge.

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