Stavros Kotsireas

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Kotsireas was born in Athens and now lives and works in the UK. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands majoring in Painting Drawing and Graphic Arts. His painting exhibitions are very successful commanding an international audience. The shapes of the cypress trees reaching boldly to the sky particularly dominate Stavros’s images. One is extremely aware of the elements of nature combined with a raw energy experienced by the artist in his emotional approach to the landscape. Athena Schina Art Critic and Historian describes the landscapes of Stavros Kotsireas as ‘bodies with a rhythm of observation and recollection of exploration of the subconscious and the daydream’ She goes on to say that ‘the work conveys to us in tropical tones the anguish and the brilliance the mystery and the radiance of the constriction and development hidden with his own nature of facets and reactions of a sense of majesty and simplicity of earthiness and the dream.’