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Stephen Ford’s paintings explore our attitude and relationship with animals and offer a unique interpretation of the animal kingdom. His work offers insight into our own lives as we see these pieces in relation to ourselves. We are able to notice our place in the world and what it means to be human.

Ford likes to let the subject stand-alone and purposefully works on a flat and impenetrable grey surface to remove any sense of context. To this, he applies a combination of up to 20 layers of spray paints and oil applied in glazes to create the beautifully finished piece. He also alters the application of some of the paint using hands, paper towels, a blade or a ruler to make each piece unique and stand out.

His artwork constantly looks to the future and considers the roles of humanity, the animal kingdom and the environment. His artwork allows its viewers to take their own personal journey through the introspective and confrontational nature of his pieces.

Ford received his Masters from Central St Martins College of Art in 2010. He has mostly sold his work across the South of England as he is based in Hertfordshire and donates a percentage of his profits to environmental charities.

Stephen defines his own work as “emotive reveries,” whose “cosseting use of colour surrounds darker truths – a cocktail of elation and concern.”