Steven Townsend

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Steven Townsend was born in 1955, he is married with four children and lives in Lancashire, England. In 1993 Steven joined Northern Editions art publishers and made the momentous decision to change direction and paint canine art. Through his canine art, Steven’s name has become famous worldwide.


Steven is a completely self-taught artist with an amazing talent and famous for his photorealistic paintings. His signed limited edition prints are now some of the most sought after work in the art market and are collectors’ items. Steven’s dog artworks in particular nearly always selling out on publication.


Steven listens to classical music, including Chopin and Mahler, as it inspires his painting. In terms of artistic inspiration, he has extensively studied the work of some of the great Impressionist painters, his favourites being Bruno Liljefors and Peder Monsted.

Steven Townsend’s faith is the cornerstone of both his artistic ability and dedication. Admirers of his work are often unaware that in every picture he paints the initials JTC (Jesus The Creator), hidden in the painting as an affirmation of his belief.

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