Timmy Mallett

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Timmy Mallet’s love of painting came at an early age, and he studied History of Art as part of his degree at Warwick University. Painting was always an integral part of his TV filming trips.


Timmy Mallett paints his award-winning Impressionistic scenes in oils, acrylics, and watercolour. He takes his inspiration from his travels around the UK and across the world.

His paintings glow with warmth, light and colour. Not surprising when the man known to millions is such a colourful and enthusiastic individual. He is inspired by sunshine and shadow, the changing seasons and the magic of the moment.


Regarded by many as one of our leading modern impressionists, Timmy Mallet’s works are sought after worldwide.

His regular exhibitions across the UK and Europe are a testament to Timmy’s discerning eye and ability to convey it to canvas.