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Born in 1969 in Texas, Todd White is an artist that has increased his profile beyond recognition with his distinctive style and iconic popularity across the world. After relocating to Hollywood, one of Todd White’s key spells came at Warner Bros. Studios. Through character development, White began to forge his own artistic style and became part of the lead character design and animation team for the internationally renowned cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Todd White’s work is infectious. It has caught the attention and imagination of art collectors around the world in addition to many Hollywood celebrities and ambassadors of the high life. Todd White’s reputation has been stamped not only as an exhilarating and revered artistic talent but also something of a style icon, as the creator of highly collectable and much sought items of designer decor.

Todd White’s style has often been discribed as Picasso meets the Rat Pack. His paintings reveal the thrill and excitment that surrounds the rich and famous in Hollywood’s fashionable nightclubs and resturants. Todd White exaggerates the features of his characters which enables the viewer to gain an insight into the lives and personality that they could have.