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Tom’s latest collection, City Lights in January 2020 brought 5 new limited edition prints in his classic collage style. The collection included:


The technique and style of Tom Butler’s Prints has evolved enormously over the years. Moving into using mixed media early on, the collage-style quickly became an integral part of Tom’s artworks. Adding intrigue, resonance and (recently) a touch of humour, Tom finds this style an exciting way of working.

Tom’s subject matter has also varied over the years, recently he has particularly enjoyed observing London with all its old fashioned charm and bustle.

“Nothing shouts London at you more loudly then a Red Bus in Trafalgar Square or the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus. It’s a place you could never tire of returning to”. Other cities that appeal from an artistic perspective include Paris (where his wife is from), New York, Havana and of course Venice.

Tom Butler is one of the most celebrated urban landscape artists of the day. His unique and resonant artworks always high in demand. Collectors Prints are proud to supply our customers with one of the widest ranges of Tom Butler prints available.


Educated in art to degree level, Tom’s knowledge and love of art are wide-ranging. “I really appreciate the use of colour and light by some of the Impressionist painters, namely Monet and Cezanne. I have studied the work of Singer Sargent, Kandinsky and the 1930’s poster artist and typographer, A.M Cassandre.

During my degree, I was inspired by the talents of Norman Rockwell and Cartoonist Ralph. More recently I have been struck by the work of contemporary artists such as Luke Martineau, Mike Bernard, and Andrew Hood to name but a few. Anybody that can capture the essence of a subject matter with expression and vigour is an inspiration.”

Tom loves being in the studio at the end of his Berkshire garden at every opportunity, in addition to travelling and discovering new places.


In 2004, Tom and his wife holidayed in the South of France and visited a beautiful town called Uz̬s.

Tom was mesmerised by the light, colour and texture of the place. Bright awnings and parasols amongst weathered stone buildings, with shuttered facades and crumbling masonry. Of particular interest to him were ‘les publicit̩sanciennes’. These are huge, faded adverts from bygone days that used to be hand-painted onto the sides of buildings.

“Maybe this is where my attraction to having text within a painting began. Every angle of this town was an artist’s delight. With photos galore, I set about recreating what I’d experienced as soon as I returned. The resulting artwork proved successful with local galleries and ultimately paved the way for my love of capturing cityscapes. Tom Butler the artist was born here!”

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