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Here you will find abstract artworks available on CollectorsPrints.co.uk, the UK’s leading online retailer of limited edition prints and sculptures.

Abstract art has its roots in the twentieth century and with its beginning heralded a new way of both working, and also thinking, about art. Creating pieces that were stylistically simple and yet weighted with meaning and comment, artists were, and continue to be, able to form a new way to both represent the world that they saw and develop a response to it; through the creation of works rich in symbols, shapes and colour.

Abstract art can be viewed upon a line of continuum, from work that is slightly skewed from reality, to that which bears no resemblance to anything recognizable. Its development was a distinct move away from the logical, perspective driven, accurate representation of the past. Any artwork that deviates from the use of imagery or reality in its composition, and instead allows itself to take liberties with colour, shape, form and placement can be considered an abstract work.

While abstract art may demand more from the viewer than more traditional styles of working, the looser freer interpretation of the subject matter allows a more personal and emotional response to the work. This response may or may not fall in line with that which was intended by the original artist, but some would argue that interpretation may not be important. Certainly abstract art has a great universality and easy common language.

Notable practitioners include, and many would be familiar with, the works of many artists from the beginnings of abstraction in the work of Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and  Willem de Kooning to the contemporary work of Damien Hirst today.

Some of our artists working in an abstract style would include; Kevin Bandee, Sandra Blow, Charlotte Cornish, Terry Frost, Andrei Protsouk and Chris and Steve Rocks.

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