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In general terms the description ‘animal painter’ was used to describe those portraying animals in their work up to about the 1900’s, the familiar term for more contemporary practitioners would be ‘wildlife artist’.The depiction of animals and wildlife can be seen as one of the oldest forms of artwork, from the start of human civilization and the creation of primitive designs carefully etched on the walls of caves by our distant ancestors, we have always enjoyed finding appreciation of the natural world by replicating it in various media.

We continue to be fascinated by the world around us and many modern wildlife artists now use the medium to promote awareness of the growing threat to wildlife. Depictions of mammals, birds, sealife and insects help to increase public respect for the relationship that we have with the natural world and encourage a desire to preserve it. The use of animals in art can be either to simply showcase their own natural beauty and majesty, but are also often highly symbolic, especially in the case of decorative art.

Unnervingly it has long been tradition to use dead animals to create accurate portrayals of when they were once alive. Most will be familiar with the painter George Stubbs who is famous not only for his beautiful depictions of horses and other animals, but also for his incredibly detailed and comprehensive drawings of their dissections which he also carried out. Thankfully artists are now able to be aided by photography when creating work!

Some other notable practitioners of the genre would include names such as; Rosa Bonheur, Eugène Delacroix, John Henry Dolph, Charles Jacque, Edwin Landseer, Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert, George Stubbs, Frans Snyders and George Morland

Some of our artists creating Animal and Wildlife Art would include; Jen Allen, Gary Benfield, Carl Brenders, Leanne Christie, Hayley Goodhead, Gina Hawkshaw, Paul James, Rebecca Lardner, Paul Oz, Michael Simpson, Steven Townsend, Jonathan Truss and Kate Wyatt


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