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Works that depict cityscape scenes can be considered the urban equivalent of the familiar, traditional landscape painting. As it is not possible to form a concrete consensus as to the date of the rise of the first city, so it follows that it is also difficult to establish a beginning to the style that we now refer to as cityscape. It is however, certainly true that some Greek and Roman frescoes portraying cityscapes can be dated to circa 1300 and in 1335 Ambrogio Lorenzetti completed ‘City by the Sea’ a work now considered to be the first true cityscape painting of Western Art.

During the second half of the twentieth century the city of Paris gave itself over to the impressionists, who were attracted to both the undisputed beauty and romance of the iconic city, but also to the industrialization and innovation within. Edouard Manet, Gustave Caillebotte, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Camille Pissarro became some of the most important and venerated painters of the time.

After the second World War cityscape painting became increasingly popular, being as it was an already prominent subject area for those who had adopted working in an abstract style. In more recent times the most important development in the style is that of photo or hyper realism, producing images almost deceptively photographic in their accuracy,

Some examples of artists whose work would fall under the umbrella of the Cityscape style would include; Edward Hopper Fernand Léger, Wayne Thiebaud, Richard Estes, Piet Mondrian Camille Pissarro and Jeremy Mann

Some of our leading artists creating Cityscape Art would be; Craig Alan, Phillip Bissell, Tom Butler, Henderson Cisz, Keith Drury, Samantha Ellis, Dylan Izaak, Michael Kidd, Carol Mountford and Sam Park.

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