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The term naive art is used to classify a certain type of twentieth century painting, with many considering its origins to be with the work of painter Henri Rousseau. It is a style that is often considered to be almost childlike in the simplicity of its representations and the technique used for their creation. It is often believed that the artists working in this genre are without formal training while in fact this is rarely true, there are now academies for naive art and it is a style that is represented in museums and galleries throughout the world.

Naive art is a particularly important form of human expression, it can be considered a celebration of the ordinary as it takes as its subjects, the minutiae of everyday life and records them in such a way that the images are not challenging, easily accessible and designed to provoke an empathetic response of understanding from the viewer. In this way the genre can be seen to be the antithesis of an abstract style, which generally does exactly the opposite.

Humour and Naive art can be seen as a style that exists purely for the creation of pleasure or enjoyment; their subjects are painted with extensive use of colours and are honest and joyful in their depiction. These are paintings that are deceptively simple, timeless and universal in their appeal.

Some of the many well-known practitioners working within the genre would be; Henri Rousseau, Grandma Moses, Horace Pippin, Ivan Rabuzin, L. S. Lowry, Camille Bombois, John Kane, Alfred Wallis and Franjo Mraz.

Some of our artists working within this style include; Jennifer Hogwood, Dale Bowen, Leigh Lambert, Doug Hyde, Gary Walton, Rebecca Lardner, Sarah Jane Szikora, Neil Buchanan, Melissa Sturgeon, Paul Liggins and Adam Barsby.

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