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Television and film art refers directly to its subjects. And while not a true genre of painting per se, for as long as we have had television and film idols, we have had artists drawn to create representations of them in various media, and collectors and fans eager to display them on their walls.

The style and media used is as vast and varied as its subjects themselves, however one such style would be pop art. Emerging in the 1950’s and 60’s, pop art revolted against the current norms and traditions to produce work that reflected young artists feelings about the society of the time, and iconic images of the rich and famous can be found amongst their work. Much television and film artwork is painted in a more recognisable naturalistic portraiture style and could possibly be seen to blend into photo-realism work. A crossover can also be seen from fine art into fandom and fan art.

Some of our artists working within the style of television and film art would include; Zinsky, Craig Alan, Paul Oz and Rob Bishop.



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