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Bright Lights, Big City – The Colourful Art of Keith Drury

Causeway Boulevard - Signed Limited Edition Paper Print by Keith Drury - Unmounted

Belfast born artist Keith Drury’s stunning cityscapes absolutely zing with colour. His bright, quirky, light filled images cannot fail to raise a smile of wonder at the meticulous attention to detail. Shunning limelight and interviews, relatively little is known about this intensely private artist who makes work very much for the people. Creative Beginnings Keith’s […]

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Tom Butler – Montage of Talent

Sunbeams, Tower Bridge - Hand Embellished Signed Limited Edition Paper Print by Tom Butler - Mounted Unframed

This month we shine a light on the considerable talents of Tom Butler. Master of the mixed media cityscape. His creations are stunning canvases, focusing on the interpretation of urban landscapes and cities. His exciting work has a legion of enthusiastic fans. Both here at Collectors Prints and throughout the world. Horace and the Acrobat […]

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Zinsky – Portrait Artist to the Stars

The Antihero - Signed Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas Print on board by Zinsky Unframed

Self taught, innovative UK artist Zinsky is as well known for his elusiveness as his striking portraiture. His highly covetable work is collected all over the world by followers from all walks of life. While his incredible likenesses of recognisable faces from pop culture have earned him legions of devoted fans. They seek him here, […]

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Jack Vettriano – Painting People for the People

The Big Tease - Signed Limited Edition Paper Print By Jack Vettriano

Dubbed the ‘people’s painter’, Jack Vettriano has an undeniable, instantly recognisable style. Famous as the creator of one of the most iconic contemporary images ever, which has been reproduced in almost every form imaginable. Jack is hugely popular at Collectors Prints and all over the world! Painting skills arrive in the form of a gift Jack […]

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Simon Kenny – Illustrating The Emotion Within Us All.

In The Far Away - Signed Limited Edition Print by Simon Kenny - Glazed Box Canvas Unframed

Simon Kenny’s attention grabbing, multi award winning, astonishingly vibrant work has won him both national and international acclaim.  With his highly personal style described as ‘lyrical abstraction’ and comparisons made to that incredible master of light, Turner. Not to mention Stephen Hawking describing his work as ‘look[ing] like everything about space I cannot explain’. his […]

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Sarah Graham – The Sweet Taste of Success

Pick Your Own Triptych - Signed Limited Editions From Sarah Graham Framed

Sarah Graham’s work is a riot of attention grabbing saturated colour, larger than life and more real than real. She creates vivid representations of her subject that are impossible to ignore; joyous still lifes, bursting with nostalgia and wonderment. Born in Hitchin, a market town in North Hertfordshire, she describes herself as an extremely conscientious […]

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The Wonderful, Quirky, Oh So Slightly Wobbly World Of Rayford!

We are thrilled this month to be able to focus a spotlight on the artist Rayford! Rayford’s beautiful work draws its inspiration from the landscape and architecture that surrounds us, fusing with an eclectic- bordering on surreal, use of colour and composition to create a unique and captivating style all of his own. His fascinating […]

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Gabe Leonard – Illustrating Life’s Movie Stills.

Regualtors By Gabe Leonard Signed Limited Edition Giclee Hand Embellished Canvas

The superlative Gabe Leonard is often described as ‘The Cinematic Artist’; with a director’s eye for astonishing detail, light and composition, his creations are powerful, atmospheric and full of intrigue and narrative. Leonard originates from Wyoming where he spent his formative years creating sketches of the local wildlife and selling them to his friends for […]