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Bright Lights, Big City – The Colourful Art of Keith Drury

Causeway Boulevard - Signed Limited Edition Paper Print by Keith Drury - Unmounted

Belfast born artist Keith Drury’s stunning cityscapes absolutely zing with colour. His bright, quirky, light filled images cannot fail to raise a smile of wonder at the meticulous attention to detail. Shunning limelight and interviews, relatively little is known about this intensely private artist who makes work very much for the people.

Creative Beginnings

Keith’s beautiful imagery began to take shape after a lifetime of creativity, he says himself that he is unable to recall a time when he wasn’t actively engaged in ‘making stuff’.

‘I always want to create more, to invent more, to surpass what is ordinary. This is what drives me: to do something more, to do something different’. Keith Drury.

The ‘stuff’ he now turns his hand to is astonishingly intricate, each individual piece taking several months to create.

Chester Way - Signed Limited Edition Paper Print by Keith Drury - Unmounted

A Developing Style

His first steps into developing his own unique style came after the owner of a renowned gallery took the decision to take Keith under his wing, and began to lend him the work of various international artist to take home with him and copy. All the time assessing and critiquing the images Keith was creating. And working with him to further his development as he experimented with various mediums and techniques.

Despite being approached by many of the UK largest and best known art publishers, Keith has resolutely stuck to his decision to remain entirely independent as an artist. All of his beautiful imagery is created at ‘The Potting Shed Studio and Gallery’ a unique converted stone building, complete with it’s very own Palmhouse. Which is set in an enclosed victorian walled garden and forms part of the old Tobar Mhuire estate in Crossgar, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Liverpool Boulevard - Signed Limited Edition Paper Print by Keith Drury - Unmounted

A Keen Eye For Detail

Keith’s magical images are the result of an exacting process and hours and hours of painstaking work. Each component of the many hundreds that make up each completed image, are themselves carefully crafted computer generated models. each with incredibly intricate detail. Every one is created freehand with the models finished form simply depending on how the artist wishes it to evolve. With a keen eye (or a magnifying glass), many tiny details are set into each image to surprise the more observant onlooker.

Keith’s work is fresh and contemporary. His interpretations of the cityscapes he portrays are quirky and fun and retain an intrinsic flavour of the places they represent. A fascinating and unusual detail of Keith’s extraordinary art, is that due to the production process each of his artworks can be customiSed. Whether that be small changes, such as he wording on the sign posts, or more adventurous ones, including the addition of buildings! Each work is made as a top quality Giclée print on acid free paper, and each and every one is printed at The Potting Shed Studio.

Causeway Bay - Signed Limited Edition Paper Print by Keith Drury - Unmounted

From Biscuit Tins to a Royal Presentation

Keith’s artwork has a wide appeal and while is purchased by many famous and well known faces, it makes a stunning talking point for anyone’s wall. He has also received a public national commission and is on permanent display to the public in Belfast City Hall. Collected and enjoyed by fans all over the world Drury’s work has seen extensive commercial use, spanning from advertising to jigsaws; and from biscuit tins to appearing in the television series ‘The Fall’ alongside Gillian Anderson! Keith’s series of art images entitled ‘When I Dream’ has become one of the top selling ranges for many galleries across the UK, with many of the series selling out within a year.

In April of 2016, Drury was thrilled to be able to present a limited edition ‘London Way’ artwork to HRH Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace. The presentation was made personally in a private meeting with Dr Kennedy Honogo, a high ranking Kenyan government official, who has worked on humanitarian projects that have the support of HRH as part of her charitable endeavours in Africa.

London Way By Keith Drury Signed Limited Edition Unmounted Paper Print

Not only do we love Keith’s wonderful fresh take on the cityscape, but we are truly excited by the ability to customise his work into your own unique and personal piece of art. We think you will love his work too; see Keith Drury on Collectors Prints today.