Todd White

Life’s a Party

Todd White’s artwork is irresistibly captivating. The colours he uses and the exaggeration of subject around the characters helps us to have an insight into their personalities. White creates a world in art we wish to be a part of. The attention from the vast amount of collectors from all over the world reinforces the validity in this idea of a beautiful construct within his pieces.

‘Nine Pieces of Vinyl’ is his new release which stands alone and rightly so. There is no accompaniment needed to this gorgeous piece. The subject is yet another beautiful creation of the world we want to be a part of. Although some may say this is slightly toned down from a usual Todd White painting, this is what we love about it. The relatable atmosphere transports us there, and lets us live, even for a moment, in White’s construct.

Nine Pieces of Vinyl

Framed, Contemporary Hand Embellished Canvas Print by Todd White

Nine Pieces of Vinyl Framed by Todd White

£1,595.00 £1,355.75

This new piece by Todd White is one to look out for. His signature style and vibrant colours are back. The classic female character features again in this relatable and retrospective print. The scene senually portrays a beautiful female figure nonchalantly listening to music and drinking. This subject draws us into the painting and lets us feel the relief of not caring for a moment. Be transported into the artistic world White creates with this new print ‘ Nine Pieces of Vinyl’.

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Todd White


Hand Embellished Canvas










36" x 26"