Those Were the Days (Book)

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Stunning NEW A4 book from the incredibly talented Leigh Lambert.

Over 100 pages of artwork encased in a wonderful hardback book INCLUDING 2 Prints on German Etching Paper!

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Release date TBC Autumn 2017!


Those Were The Days – Signed Limited Edition Book

Those were the days creates A fantastic opportunity to purchase a wonderful book from Leigh Lambert including 2 Limited Edition Prints. Both are signed and numbered by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

A look back on time Past, Present and future. See Newcastle through the eyes of Leigh Lambert and learn all about his upbringing and what has influenced his artwork so much.

This highly sought after book sold 80% off it’s entire edition within the first few days of pre-release so be sure to order yours to avoid disappointment!

The story so far…

Leigh was born and raised in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He lived here for the first twenty years of his life. Lambert began to draw as soon as he could hold a pencil. His family quickly recognising his artistic flair. As he progressed through school his exceptionally detailed creations captured the attentions of his teachers. They admired his canny knack for capturing a view. However, the artist describes himself as mostly self taught. He has received no formal art qualifications or training.

Moving around

Leigh relocated to Warwickshire with his family in 1996. Here he focused on the development of his technique. It was on leaving Newcastle that he began to appreciate the nature of his upbringing. What he had once seen as a concrete jungle now seeming strangely beautiful. Taking inspiration from his childhood,

Lamberts pieces have a strong sense of nostalgia. They evoke fond memories of a youth that many can relate to.
Lambert is an accomplished artist across a range of media. He is most commonly recognised for working with oils on board. His use of colour is minimal and depicts the happiness in the child but remains an otherwise monochromatic landscapes, capturing the joy and vitality of youth.

Working from his garden studio, the artist has achieved great success in recent years. In 2014 he was shortlisted as Best Up and Coming Artist in the prestigious Fine Art Trade Guild Awards, and consequently his works are hugely sough-after. Limited editions often sell out within weeks, and waiting lists are in place for those hoping to acquire original paintings.

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