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Zinsky – Portrait Artist to the Stars

The Antihero - Signed Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas Print on board by Zinsky Unframed

Self taught, innovative UK artist Zinsky is as well known for his elusiveness as his striking portraiture. His highly covetable work is collected all over the world by followers from all walks of life. While his incredible likenesses of recognisable faces from pop culture have earned him legions of devoted fans.

They seek him here, they seek him there

A relative newcomer to the art scene, (first making an appearance in 2008). Zinsky has become known for avoiding the public eye. With the lack of general information about him there have been comparisons to that other public eye avoider – Banksy. Whose political and humorous street art is globally recognised.

Zinsky, however, does not court the notoriety enjoyed by Banksy, but rather is just intensely private as a person. He wishes not to be stereotyped in any way, preferring his work to stand (or fall) entirely on it’s own merit. But undeniably his secrecy does rather add to his appeal.

Gotham Hero By Zinsky Signed Limited Edition Canvas Hand Finished

This much we know

Zinsky was born and raised in the UK. His astonishing work was quick to cause a stir after appearing on the contemporary art scene. His unique portraits feature instantly recognisable faces from popular culture, including musicians, film stars, politicians and royalty. Word of mouth quickly spread news of his talent allowing him to garner fans from all four corners of the globe.

The artist himself has been lucky enough to call some wonderful parts of the planet ‘home’. Having lived in houses in Edinburgh, Brighton and Barcelona. Today Zinsky resides in the north of Spain in Madrid.

A lucky break

Zinsky’s first sales came after a chance encounter between his mother and Mark Fisher, the owner of an art gallery in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Zinsky was asked how quickly he could create a composition of Libertines singer Pete Doherty. And the very next day Zinsky’s mother handed over the completed piece! Duly impressed, Fisher immediately commissioned a further two portraits (of singer Amy Winehouse and Boxer Mohammed Ali).

Fisher went on to become Zinsky’s guide in the artistic world, encouraging him not only to create further images of well known faces, but also to try his hand at landscapes and street scenes. The most well known of these are his images of Barcelona, with an exhibition of cityscapes selling out in just 15 minutes! Alluding to the artists secretive nature, Fisher says of their relationship ‘my task is to encourage Zinsky to realise his potential as an artist, allow him space to try different mediums and to protect him from the spotlight’.

Famous Faces

Zinsky is best known for his stunning and unique portraits. His highly personal style is a brilliant fusion of classical portraiture with street art and abstract expressionism. His subjects are rendered with speed and spontaneity. In our current age of obsession with celebrity it is of no surprise that Zinsky is enjoying such considerable success.

His list of subjects is vast and includes the following; Bono, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and Sid Vicious. As well as; Brad Pitt, James Dean, Jack Nicholson, Steve McQueen, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Martin Freeman, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Usain Bolt and Barack Obama.

Rock Star Bono - Signed Limited Edition Print By Zinsky - Hand Embellished Box Canvas - Unframed

A book for charity

In 2016 Zinsky undertook the amazing and truly monumental challenge of painting one hundred iconic portraits in just one hundred days! The subjects of which were the all time top one hundred movie characters voted by readers of Empire Magazine.

The funds from the sales of this extraordinary effort were dedicated to raise money for Marie Curie, a cause particularly close to the artist’s heart. All one hundred images were also gathered together to form a stunning collector’s editions hardback book.

Looking to the future

With the current appetite for all thing celebrity the future looks bright for this prolific young artist. His contemporary and emotive portraiture is of a style very much in demand. Despite the artists bohemian leanings and sometimes stark and gritty portraits that reveal his style’s roots in urban and street art. His work would look undeniably at home in the most conservative of collections or art galleries.

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