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Anna is a renowned contemporary, floral painter and her original artwork has been highly sought-after for some years. Focused on the beauty of nature, she aims to create a balance between realistic and abstract art. Anna is passionate about experimentation and she enjoys evolving her style through brushstrokes, multi-laying and colour palette.


Anna studied interior design as part of her art education in Russia, and the tonal harmony of colour and texture that she studied has undoubtedly informed her work. The move from Russia to the UK opened a new world of visual perception for her which she believes is based on the cultural codes; “this is how I began my journey of releasing my style from academic rules in painting and finding my own visual voice”. Anna feels that she has found a delicate equilibrium between the energy of mark-making and the perception of reality.


Having experimented with multiple mediums, Anna now focuses on acrylics. It is an important element of her signature style; acrylics dry quickly and therefore ensures that there is a vitality to her work that can be lost though overthinking. The use of palette knives accentuates the movement in her work and consequently her paintings are immediate, fresh, and energised.  There is a depth to her work that is emphasised by the texture and sculptural nature of her approach, and a luxury and opulence that radiates from the subject matter that she depicts.