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Hayley Goodhead emerged as one of the freshest, most innovative, contemporary artistic discoveries of 2013. Her distinctive work is an adaptation of near photo-realistic animals. With the use of vibrant palettes and cultural references.

Her exceptional images bring together her love of animals with elements from the fashion world with Big brands and the modern love of the visual joke.

 “I create quirky and unique pieces of original artwork. My almost photo realistic portraits of animals, both domesticated and wild are heavily influenced by symbols and patterns that we see in everyday life. Current trends, fashion brands and modern culture”.

Home life

Since the age of four Hayley dreamt of becoming a professional artist and It was a dream she followed with passion and determination. She won a coveted place on the Fine Arts Degree course at the University of Gloucestershire and worked in a local gallery at weekends. She specifically chose the gallery, over other part-time jobs. So she could find artistic inspiration from a wide range of artists and art styles, while developing her own.