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Leanne Christie was born in Warwickshire before moving to the very scenic Cornish Coastline. Christie spent her teenage years living so close to the coast of Gwithian Towans that she still draws inspiration from this part of her life.


Christie has professionally painted for over twenty years. Painting has always played a large part in both her personal and professional life. Growing up surrounded by countryside, seaside and moorlands, Leanne uses this as inspiration for her stunning floral pieces. As well as using her mother’s love and artistic flare in her own way. Leanne grew up watching her mother paint and sketch in her very own art studio.


She enjoys bringing a 3-dimensional feel into her work. She adds jewels, glitter and gold leaf. Her paintings vary between seascapes, flower scapes, waterscapes and moorlands. Each piece although made for a limited edition has it’s very own unique feel about it dependant on lighting, location and the weather which all play a part in making Leanne’s Artwork stand out from the rest.

Using mainly Oil as her medium, Leanne manages to capture a massive amount of detail using high-quality paint bringing each and every piece to life.

Leanne’s work is becoming more and more reputable and sought after! And is one of the most prolific artists in recent years!