Leigh Lambert

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Leigh Lambert

Family life

The Lambert family moved to Warwick when Leigh Lambert was 17. He still lives there producing artwork in his garden studio. But it’s his childhood in Newcastle, and the stories of his grandparents and parents childhoods, that provides the inspiration for his work. He has used this to create a very successful career as an artist and continues to do so.

As soon as Leigh was able to hold a pencil he began to draw. His family quickly identified his talent for art. This was also recognised by his teachers. As his artist skill developed so did his ability to create exceptionally detailed pieces.

His teachers admired his ‘canny knack’ for capturing a view and portraying this in his artwork. Leigh’s attention to detail in his drawings and paintings remains one of the characteristics that makes his work so distinctive.

Leigh Lambert is a self-taught artist. Although he did study art at Tynemouth College of Arts and Technology in the North East and at Mid Warwickshire College in Leamington-Spa, these were both for brief periods and he left with no formal art qualifications.

His Style

Leigh Lambert’s monochromatic cityscapes have a strong sense of nostalgia, inspired by fond memories of his childhood along with the stories his parents and grandparents told him about growing up in Newcastle.

The streets we see in his works are the streets he played in as a child. He often paints the Gateshead terrace owned by his mum’s dad and the East Newcastle house that belonged to his father’s dad. This was built for the local workers of the armaments factory.

Part of Lambert piece’s appeal is their ability to take us to a simpler time of days gone by. His brightly coloured characters bring the bleak adult landscapes to life, with humour and sheer childlike joy.

While Lambert is skilled in a range of media, he most commonly works in oils on board. He often uses 9 mm MDF that he primes with 5 coats of gesso primer on front, back and sides. His keeps his use of colour to a minimum, allowing it to capture the joy and vitality of youth by highlighting the figures that play amidst the otherwise monochromatic landscapes.

Leigh’s achieved great success in recent years. The prestigious Fine Art Trade Guild shortlisted him for ‘Best Up and Coming Artist’ Award in 2014. His artwork has been displayed in galleries and Art exhibitions throughout the UK. He’s also produced works of art for private overseas collections.

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